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The objectives of the OHSA are as follows:                 


Proposed Shooting Sports Activities

​OHSA has teamed up with Michigan DNR and the County of Ogemaw to construct a new shooting sports facility.

OHSA will be operating a shooting range complex for archery that will also provide safety, education and informational activities related to firearm, archery, hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation for community residents and members of the organization – family fun that will be open to the public. Plans are also under way to provide firearm activities at a site yet to be determined.

Always welcoming new members and volunteers

Regular Board meetings are open to those interested – see Upcoming Events for date, time and location

Rifle Range

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Youth Program

Ogemaw Hills Sportsmen Association

Promoting and Providing Safe and Responsible Shooting Sports Recreational Facilities and Activities

To obtain, operate, manage, maintain the facilities to support the above.
Because there is no public shooting range in Ogemaw County Michigan, a small group got together on 27 Jan 2014 with the intent of trying to make that happen. The Ogemaw Hills Sportsmen Association (OHSA) was formed as a non-profit corporation under Michigan law, which is organized and shall be operated in accordance with the meaning and provisions of the federal tax exempt regulations. On 12 Nov 2014 we achieved 501c3 status.

About Us

To engage in fund raising activities, assess membership dues and user fees to apply towards the costs and expenses in the operation of this endeavor.
The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic management that will govern the daily activities of the corporation as provided for in the Bylaws.
Promote and provide shooting sports recreational activities that include firearm, archery, hunting, fishing, safety, wildlife conservation, and education/information activities to community residents and members of the organization.

Non-Profit Corporation 501(c)(3)


Long Term Planning Goals