Rifle Creek Archery Park (RCAP) - Park Pass (Optional) 

The Park Pass entitles you to access the indoor archery and Target buildings. The daily user fee is $5 for all users => 18 years ($5 covers the entire family). User fees can be prepaid annually for an additional $50 per year which entitles the user to unlimited use of the indoor/outdoor ranges. Special events may require additional event fees as determined by the event coordinator. You can bring guests but must be present in the building with them. Each guest is responsible for the daily use fee of $5 for each day used. NOTE: OHSA membership is not required to obtain a Park Pass.

Ogemaw Hills Sportsmen Association (OHSA) - (Optional):

Members (adults only) are entitled to vote for and/or serve as Directors, have a voice in the affairs of the organization and may have additional benefits associated with specific facilities.

To apply, click on the appropriate button below, print the application, fill it out and mail it along with a check for the appropriate fee to the address on the 'Contact Us' page. All Application fees/dues are for the calendar year and will not be prorated.

The membership of this organization and/or use of its Facilities is open to any person, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, age or disability, provided, however, that each member must:

  • Pay the annual membership dues/fees set forth
  • Abide by the Bylaws, safety codes, practices, procedures and policies of the OHSA and its facilities
  • Be willing at, all times, to conduct him/herself in a manner becoming a sportsperson
  • Be willing to support, to the best of his/her ability, the objectives, functions and activities of the OHSA and its facilities


Ogemaw Hills Sportsmen Association

Promoting and Providing Safe and Responsible Shooting Sports Recreational Facilities and Activities