Ogemaw Hills Sportsmen Association

Promoting and Providing Safe and Responsible Shooting Sports Recreational Facilities and Activities

Present Day

Rifle Creek Archery Park (RCAP)

Original Building

OHSA has acquired the property at 2025 West M-55 in West Branch, Michigan 48661 on the southwest corner of M-55 and Dam Road. ​We began to transform the property into indoor and outdoor archery ranges. Some renovation of the buildings and site cleanup were done prior to April 1, 2018 when a Grant from the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) in coordination with the Michigan DNR was awarded to OHSA. Since then a 40' x 40' addition was added to the building for the indoor range, a fence was installed for the outdoor range and site improvements have been made. The Grant expired March 31, 2020 and although we were close to being completed, the lock down/quarantine stopped us in our tracks. Once restrictions are lifted, we should be able to open the facility for business within a matter of weeks.