Rifle Creek Archery Park (RCAP)

Present Day

OHSA has acquired the property at 2025 West M-55 in West Branch, Michigan 48661 on the southwest corner of M-55 and Dam Road. ​We began to transform the property into indoor and outdoor archery ranges. Some renovation of the buildings and site cleanup were done prior to April 1, 2018 when a Grant from the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) in coordination with the Michigan DNR was awarded to OHSA. Since then a 40' x 40' addition was added to the building for the indoor range, a fence was installed for the outdoor range and site improvements have been made. The Grant expired March 31, 2020 and although we were close to being completed, the lock down/quarantine stopped us in our tracks. Once restrictions are lifted, we should be able to open the facility for business within a matter of weeks.

Original Building

Ogemaw Hills Sportsmen Association

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